3 Major SEO Techniques for E-Commerce Stores

When you think about product marketing or promotion for your online stores, it’s not quite general as other websites SEO method. Because there are some basic and major difference between these two. That’s why eCommerce SEO Services are now totally creates its own way on the online marketing trends.

 The Main Challenges

OK, that’s a good question. David Jackson, one of our respective client from Florid mailed us that he launched a new online store to sell his music record vinyl in Florida. He did some general SEO for his site, but none of his products or pages appeared in top 50 on google. We investigate his site and find out some curtail facts which need to be fixed –

  1. Unique product description
  2. Interlinking between the products
  3. Relevant products
  4. Optimized URL structures for categories and products
  5. Sitemap issue
  6. And few minor issues


So now when we forward those issues to David, he can realize what the difference between general SEO and online store SEO services. Though he had over 500+ products on his site before we investigate, so we create a list to go step by step SEO for online stores in Florida.

 Stage 1 – On Site Content Structures

  • Update the homepage frequently
  • Unique product descriptions
  • Filter products by several types like size, color, weight etc without creating different product pages using same content
  • User review system integrate
  • User friendly URL, like, example.com/category/type/products
  • Related products based on tag or categories
  • Sitemap buildup for users
  • Increase site speed
  • Accessibility between pages
  • Trust indicators like real contact details along with privacy, return-policy etc

 Stage 2 – Interlinking

OK, now we’ve done the primary tasks. Now we go for proper interlinking between the categories and the products as well as tags. So how we did that? That’s easy. There are several ways to do that like,

  • Related products under the main products and the sidebar products tab. But keep in mind that, do not repeat same type of function on these two fields in the same time.
  • Linking categories to enriched the keyword within the entire site
  • Another great way, if you can build a product comparison section for the visitors
  • Highlight top selling products and featured products on homepage
  • FAQ page is another good way to interlink the products
  • You can also create a blog section to doing the same thing

 Stage 3 – Off Site Marketing

Now we are in final stage. On site issues are solved, now it’s time to do some off-site marketing for ecommerce store. It can be similar as like other general SEO tricks. We can suggest off page SEO like:

  • Social shares between the social networks
  • Creating some e-books and distribute them in PDF
  • Video review marketing
  • Infographics marketing
  • PR and News submission
  • Guest blogging and forum participation
  • Brand promotions
  • Reverse engineer on your competitor’s backlinks

And this is how we worked for David and now his site get ranked in the local search engines and he is happy with us as we are also. So keep following the mentioned procedure step by step and boost up your online products selling.

Share and inspire us to provide informative tricks and ideas for your online marketing and promotions. Thanks for being with us.

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