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Working as an online business entrepreneur? Do you have a website based business? Then you must have to know about Search Engine Marketing. Because to get ranked on the search engine, it will be your earlier demand. But how you will get good ranking? Oh, I guess you are doing all the things for your website like keyword research, on page SEO, content marketing etc. for achieving your target. But still don’t get the point. That’s the same mistake I did when I started. I didn’t research my competitor’s backlink profile. I didn’t know which will be the best link building method for me. That’s why I failed. Now I am trying to explain why we will audit backlink profile of our competitors and what we will get from it.

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Backlink audit is the most vital portion for every webmaster or SEO professional and are the first step to developing any link building plan. Auditing backlinks of the competitors are the essential parts for each webmaster. If you want to create a powerful and a natural backlink strategy for your website then you should know about your competitors plan. This audit will help you to understand the natural and relevant backlink site, recognizing problems and opportunities to earn link for your website, facts that helps you to rank in the search engine and more terms. So it’s the basic and prior part to start your Search Engine and Digital Marketing methods.

So running a backlink audit is totally vital now a day, specifically when “backlink” is the crucial signals of the Google algorithm.


What’s the reason to do a backlink audit for your website?


  1. Analyze the competitor to get a clear perspective where the competition stands.
  2. Get to know the backlink methods which are used by the competitors.
  3. Finding new methods of backlinks.
  4. Attempting to establish or boost a link building method.
  5. Avoiding or recovering a penalty by Search Engine


What will be your finding point from the link audit?


1.     Google Penalty Threat Evaluation

Google is changing their algorithm day by day. It’s becoming harder and harder to stay on the top pages of the Google. So each webmaster has to concern about getting a penalty by Google. So you have to careful when you choose your link building procedure. That’s why you have to do link audit first.

Step 1, check your link profile. Filtering the natural and unnatural links and analyzes how natural your link profile is. It’s not possible to keep 100% natural link profile. But in some case studies, it is observed that a site with more than 20% suspect links are getting penalty from Google.

So keep supervising your link profile so that you can aware of your bad links. You can say that if I don’t build any bad links then why I need to observe. Well, in some cases you may attack by negative SEO from your competitors. So it’s best to keep an eye on the analytics and getting ready for any kind of attack or penalty.


2.     Referring Domains

Many people just run for links. They try to gather links as much as possible from any kind of source. They don’t think about the quality which is a great blunder. Also, they are not focusing on the referring domains.

So while auditing time your first focus should be on the referring domains no. Check how many referring domain your competitors have.

Site “A” has 1000 links based on 10 referring domains.

Site “B” has 1000 links based on 100 referring domains.

Here site “B” is doing well because this one has much more referring domain than the site “A”. So the competitors with lots of referring domains are a real threat for your Search Engine Marketing.


3.     Old school link building methods

Link audit will help you to find the new and natural link building methods. Because already Google has attacked almost all types of old school methods of link building. I am not saying old methods are not working, but it works in advanced ways.

By auditing link profile you can easily determine competitors link building methods. You can recognize the techniques utilized on their sites, but wish to take a peek on their competitor’s plan of action. Also, you can easily detect the problem of a link profile and get rid of it.

4.      Link Velocity Analysis

Link velocity means the progress graph of a website’s link profile. We can find the website link growth based on natural and unnatural link. It will help us to find:


  1. How to link are developed and the average time of their “creation”.
  2. Recognize spikes and assess many time frames through which peculiar points have actually happened.
  3. Identify the unnatural link building growth structure.

5.     Anchor Text Analysis

By auditing link profile you will get a clear idea about the anchor text distribution of the ranking websites. It’s important to understand the anchor text ratio for using in link building.

  1. Helps to understand the link profile natural view.
  2. Audience targeted anchor text by which traffic is increasing
  3. Modify or create a link building method and find out the profitable keywords for your website.

It will also help you to create a plan for distributing your anchor text. Mixing brands, keyword, commercial keyword, buying keyword, etc. you can keep your link profile natural. If you just go for the commercial keyword or buying keywords it will easily notify the Google about your targeted keywords. By which you may get a penalty for it.


6.     Link Earning Opportunity

This is one of the biggest benefits of the link profit audit. You can get some backlink site which is truly relevant and beneficial for your website while auditing competitor’s link profile. You can make a list of the websites and outreach the webmaster by email for link earning. You can contribute to the website community to gain popularity and earn link back to your website. Also, if you are doing well in the market and community by targeting those websites, you will get recommended backlink to your website.


Finally, after completing your link audit you will get the below data in your hand which are-

  1. Competitor’s backlink data. How strong they are, how much backlink they have.
  2. A new link building methods for your website.
  3. Anchor text distribution ratio. How you distribute your anchor text by collaborating different types of keywords.
  4. List of high authorities, relevant and powerful website by which you can earn link for your website.
  5. Natural and unnatural growth of link profile so that you can aware to avoid spam links
  6. Using old school backlinks methods with advanced way.
  7. Creating awareness to stay away from Google penalty or recovering from it.


Now look at the picture you have. You know what types of link you are looking for, how to do it, times of acquisition and how to maintain the natural growth. Remember, you may get bored while you are doing it but always looking for the result. When you complete it you have your complete plan for link building of your websit

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